pro-ship, pro-kink, pro-expression etc
sometimes nsfw if you're underage i'll sb you
little neurodivergent genderqueer asexual* ball of joy

* yes i do the kinning
* yes i do the coping


before you follow

please note
  • I'm a radical inclusionist. I include asexuals, xenogender people, bi lesbians/other double labels and anyone who finds safety in lgbt spaces.
  • I'm a kinnie, age-regressor, self-shipper and a furry (more surprises inside)
  • I suffer from POCD and have compulsive intrusive thoughts about the idea of being a pedophile. I'm very outspoken about supporting non-offending pedophiles and believe they can get help, I don't believe in thought crimes.
  • I don't support MAP/NOMAPS or any organized groups of self identified pedophiles that aren't explicltly and exclusively support groups for therapy and resources for getting help.
  • I don't care much for cringe culture. Or being overcritical of your hobbies and interests as long as they're not actively harming someone.
  • I'm very against bullying/harassemnt in any form, if you insult someone for their looks, age, interests, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or anything like that I will probably not get along with you, as I believe the only things we should judge is the actions of an invidual.
  • I can be friends with people who I disagree with, for example, ace exclusionist as long as they're not hateful ie. openly and actively aphobic. Beliefs of my friends shouldn't be taken as mine, unless you see me agreeing with them.
  • I have incest ships I occasionally talk about. I like and self-ship with underage characters. I like genderbends. I do not mind dark fiction and talk about disturbing themes and tropes on occasion.
  • Slurs, even if reclaimed, upset me so please don't use them around me, and don't follow me if you have 'dyke' or 'faggot' in your username.
i will block you for
  • Tweeting or retweeting openly racist things.
  • Sexualizing real life children or appearances of characters played by real life children.
  • Following me while being under 16.
  • Sending triggering/pornographic stuff to antis.
  • I also use chainblocks on people/antis I especially dislike.
i will softblock you for
  • Insensitive and edgy jokes with bigoted undertones, including using slurs to be funny.
  • Having any sort of thing like 'age of attraction' in your bio.
  • Aphobic tweets and jokes.
  • Being a k-pop stan.
  • Interacting with callout posts made by antis.
  • Retweeting/liking posts gloryfying violence against 'pedophiles'.
  • Being 16, 17 or having your age listed simply as 'minor'.
  • Uh, idk, being annoying? This is very vague but stuff like constantly putting your followers down, calling your interests cringy or insulting other fandoms, characters.
Sometimes, when i softblock i'll refollow after some time. Depends on what happened, sometimes I do softblock impulsively.


  • languages
  • zoology
  • psychology
  • dark fiction
  • Ensemble Stars
  • Ensemble Girls
  • Pokemon
  • Vocaloid
I'm not very actively playing any mobage or watching anime, I have been more of a lurker fan type recently, sorry.